Who is mike tyson dating

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You’re withdrawn around her friends Meeting your girlfriend’s guy friends can be a hairy situation.

“Some guys might be withdrawn when a girl brings them around her guy friends,” Labossiere says.

Depending on the woman and her motives, this is a deal-breaker or a golden ticket (if you’re looking for a gold digger.) “Guys might try to sell it as confidence, but extremely confident people don’t have to over-project or overcompensate,” Labossiere says.

That being said, no one can blame you for giving an honest answer to a question, but if you’re volunteering (read: flaunting) how you make six figures, drive a Porsche, and have a fleet of tigers roaming your mansion a la Mike Tyson then that draws a red flag.

"But when you don’t have a lot going for you (especiallly when you’re younger), you’re all over the place and you feed your ego with women," he adds.

You get constant validation from the attention and affection, as fleeting as it may be.

See if you're guilty of these insecure behaviors that are turning her off.

You don’t make eye contact Whether you’re on a first date, meeting a friend of a friend for the first time, or at a business dinner, nothing screams, “I’m uncomfortable” like an inability to make eye contact with the person you’re talking to.

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You regulate how she dresses “Some people are conservative, but in a lot of instances, guys will hide behind spiritual beliefs because they don’t want their girl showing off,” Labossiere says.

But can you tell when your anxiety gets the best of you, and you're wearing your insecurity like a full-blown billboard?

You know, when everyone else is thinking "Oh, he's acting that way because he's insecure," but you think you've got the wool over everyone's eyes?

You don’t talk—at all “I had a recent client who went on a date where, the whole time, the guy just answered yes or no,” Labossiere says.

"He only wanted to talk about her because he was intimidated and so scared of saying the wrong thing that he didn’t say anything at all.” Don’t be this guy (or the guy who doesn’t shut up).

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