Updating battlefield 1942

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The vehicle was operated by five men crew composed of commander, gunner and loader in the turret and driver along with machine gunner / radio-operator in the front part of the hull.The communication between the crew was by the use of the intercom.Krupp concentrated on the development of the turret while MAN worked on the running gear – VK 2001(MAN).All vehicles had similar characteristics but after extensive tests Krupp’s design – VK 2001(K) was selected to enter full-scale production. In 1935, Krupp after receiving order to produce its design, modified it by incorporating best features of existing designs.Specifications required overall weight to be 18 ton, top speed of 35km/h and 75mm gun as main armament.

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Ausf F also featured new turret design, drive sprocket and idler.The assemblies were attached to longitudinal twin quarter-elliptic leaf springs bolted to the hull.Above the road-wheels were 4 (reduced to 3 in Ausf J) return rollers on each side of the hull.It featured modified turret and new one-piece front hull plate.Ausf A was powered by Maybach HL 108 TR, 12 cylinder engine with total power of 300hp with ZF SRG75 5-speed transmission, while Ausf B was powered by Maybach HL 120 TR, 12 cylinder engine with total power of 300hp with ZF SSG75 6-speed transmission.

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