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That comes to a new Taoiseach also benefiting from the summer Dáil recess.Expect lively debate tonight when members are urged to utterly rule out coalition with Sinn Féin.

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A broad swath of the Eastern American Uplands is dominated by people who give their as American.Substitute “Scots-Irish” for “Pashtun”, “Hmong” or “Berber” and you will see what I mean.If you are not aware (e.g., you are not American) the Scots-Irish in this context refers to a melange of peoples who emigrated to the New World from Ireland and the border region between Scotland and England in the middle of the 1700s.Though one can quibble with the magnitude of Cannadine’s argument, I think one must grant that it is part of the picture, if not the whole picture.The importance of class in England, and more or less in Europe as a whole, is contrasted with its relatively lower salience in the United States. One can make a classic materialist argument that in a labor scarcity-land surplus regime which characterized the early American republic the ossified class systems of the Old World simply could not develop.

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