Ancient dating customs

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Artworks created by Mesolithic hunter-gatherers include petroglyphs, stylized cave paintings, hand stencils - as in the Cave of Hands (Cueva de las Manos) (7,000 BCE) in Argentina - body adornments like bracelets as well as functional objects like paddles and weapons.These types of Mesolithic art have been located in many different areas around the world, including the Waterberg area in Africa, the Rock Shelters of Bhimbetka in India, Arnhem Land in Australia.Once carved the children would go out in groups and march through the streets, singing traditional ‘punky’ songs, calling in at friendly houses and competing for best lantern with rival groups they meet.The streets would be lit with the light of the Punkies.She now teaches computers at The Granville School and St. The earliest art of prehistory, created during the Lower Paleolithic Age, is the Bhimbetka Petroglyphs, found in the Auditorium cave in Central India and dated to at least 290,000 BCE.The two websites and uk are the new homes for the Woodlands Resources.

Neolithic art, influenced by the development of agriculture, and animal husbandry, was responsible for more portable art and less rock/cave painting.

Martin-in-the Fields offers a spectacular display of historical London in all its glory.

Second Sunday World Conker Championship Ashton, Northamptonshire Information about the game of conkers 4th Thursday Punky Night Traditionally on this night, children in the South of England would carve their ‘Punkies’,(pumpkins) into Jack O'Lanterns.

See also folk, facts and sayings about October Church of St Martin-in-the-Fields.

Dating from the 19th century, the Pearly Kings & Queens are a much-loved Cockney tradition.

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