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Also if you notice that your machine has rebooted for some other reason than a Microsoft patch, you should contact your IT Support Provider.

Measures of Protection To reduce the risk of getting infected with Torpig, please follow these seven protective measures: The Information Security Office would like to know if you get the Torpig Trojan, especially if you process or access CMU restricted data on your office or home computer.

If SQLServer provided a Server_Level_Position_Role, pure role based authentication could be implemented in SQLServer.

I can imagine a variety of scenarios where changing out the login SIDs would be considered very shady behavior.

Imagine I wanted to do something and make it look like it was another user.

Background The Torpig rootkit was originally developed in 2005, and it has evolved to evade detection by the host system and most antivirus and/or malware detection utilities.

Torpig is a type of botnet, which is a network of infected computers commonly referred to as zombies.

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