1and1 status updating

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Now i'm waiting for 1&1 to get their act together before i can start my next project.

The discount really isn't worth the hassle, i'll be sticking with Namecheap in future.

Changes to domain names might take a couple of hours to appear.

You can perform a WHOIS look up using the following websites: Now that your domain is prepared for the transfer, you can start the process of bringing the domain to Hover.

Most also provide web hosting services but it’s by no means required to use them (in many cases we don’t suggest it).I asked for a contact number for the support team but the 1and1 help desk refused to give it. I seen they had a promotion for 0.99p domains and needed to register a few so i thought 'why not, whats the worst that could happen?Would appreciate if anyone in a similar situation would add their experiences here. You might find it quicker to move the domain to another registrar, although depending what your current nameservers are you may have some downtime - but if you've been down for 10 days that might be your best bet. ' Alarm bells started ringing as soon as i registered the domain when i received emails regarding contracts, odd payment plans.. Under Domain Contact Details, check whether the User Data and Administrative Contact email addresses are up to date.If domain privacy is enabled, you will only see the User Data email contact information.

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